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Dalibor Carbol 

It was one of those events that a man remembers for a rest of his life. I and my friend Ďuro Kleja decided in 2011 to fly over Karakoram and reach the second-highest mountain in the world – K2. On several common expeditions we decided on an offensive way of flight in two. And it was the effective ultimate way of flight thanks to which we are the first in the world who flew from Hunza Valley to the heart of the mountains – to the beautiful K2.

We flew this extremely hard track 280 km long just in 2 days, without any oxygen concentrators and any ground support. Situations of a huge exhaustion were changing by strong feelings from so close contact with the mountains. And I can say today that it was an honor for me to fly with Ďuro in so gorgeous and wild mountains.

Dalibor Carbol


Quality equipment for your BIVOUAC flights

Preparation for challenges like these is not easy and high quality material equipment plays a huge role in terms of success or failure of the whole expedition. That’s why I set to development of a special bivouac equipment subtitled FLY 7000. You can take a look at it here and order directly.

The basis of EL SPEEDO products with the attribute FLY 7000 is a pressure on simplicity associated with a low weight, an excellent functionality, high quality materials and a precise processing.

Thanks to our experience we can offer you products designed without any compromises and debugged to become your helpers on travels.

Chogori 2015
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Kyrgyzstan 2015 

TIPS for your Bivouac flights


In general, the minimalism of your equipment is a key when you need to lead uphill or move somewhere. A prerequisite for fast and safe achieving a goal is the effective offensive way of flight. If you fly slowly and plan for a lot of breaks you have to bring more equipment – and it unpleasantly burden and slowing you down. The probability that you will meet a bad weather in high mountains is suddenly much higher.

So – focus on creating your track and choose it according to what you think you are able to fly in 2-3 days. Then you will not burden your back with a lot of equipment.

And one more advice – bring along a Kindle book reader. You should set out for a flight in high mountains with an absolute inner piece. And an interesting book before the start gives another dimension to the whole day. 

More about Bivouac equipment...

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Price: 24 Euro
About this DVD
50 min.
video Language: CZE 
Subtitles: ENG, DE, PL


Document by Rasťo Hatiar about the first cross-country flight over Karakoram to K2. Bonus video about our transfers and preparation in Gilgit, bonus video about our preparation, acclimatization, flying in the area of Rakaposhi (Hunza Valley) and plans for the flight to K2, bonus video about the landing on the Baltoro Glacier, a bit about the life of Sherpa and about the transfer back to Skardu.

FLY7000 Project